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Derbyshire Day 2021

Did you know there’s an annual Derbyshire Day? Each year, 22nd September is designated Derbyshire Day. A day when we can shout from the roof tops how great Derbyshire is. Clearly I’m preaching to the converted here, but Derbyshire is great and we should be celebrating it. We all know how much local businesses have struggled over the course of the pandemic. Derbyshire Day offers an opportunity to celebrate all that is wonderful about our magnificent county.

I’ve been blogging about Derbyshire for several years now, and it that time it has gradually irked me how little attention the day receives, say compared to Yorkshire Day, which the world and his wife seem to be aware of. I am determined to change that! Ultimately it’s down to us, the residents of Derbyshire, to share our love for the greatest county on earth.

Derbyshire Day - purple heather on the peaks

When is Derbyshire Day celebrated?  

Despite the obvious fact that Derbyshire should be celebrated all year round, the specific date for Derbyshire Day is 22nd September. In 2021 this falls on a Wednesday.

What are the origins of Derbyshire Day?

Whilst Derbyshire as a county enjoys a long and proud history, dating back to the 11th century, Derbyshire Day is a relatively new phenomena. Unlike some other counties, specific dates relating to the creation of Derbyshire as a county are not known.  

According to this article, the idea for the day came about following Andy Whittaker’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Derby. After much discussion and a public vote, it was felt that 22nd September, the anniversary of the launch of the Derbyshire Flag was an apt date.

Derbyshire Day - an ancient bridge and autumnal leaves

Does anything special happen on Derbyshire Day?

In previous years there’s been a co-ordinated attempt to put on special discounts and offers at various tourist attractions across the county. I haven’t seen anything along those lines this year, but Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, the official tourist board, are encouraging people to fly the Derbyshire flag this year. You can download the Derbyshire flag here. Businesses are also being encouraged to light up their business in green to celebrate Derbyshire Day.

How I will be celebrating

As a predominantly foodie blogger, there is nothing more than I like than an excuse to indulge. I can’t quite decide whether I’m going for Derbyshire oatcakes or Bakewell pudding. Quite possibly both?! I’ll also be making an effort to support some Derbyshire small businesses.

I’m lucky enough that Derbyshire Day this year falls on one of the days when I don’t work in my ‘day job’ so I’m planning on a Derbyshire breakfast out somewhere lovely, possibly a walk in the Peak District and being very vocal on social media about our county’s day!

If you follow me on Instagram I’ll be launching some templates that can be shared on stories and if you tag me on any #DerbyshireDay tweets I’ll retweet them.

Why I’m proud of Derbyshire

To celebrate Derbyshire Day 2021 I’m sharing just five of the reasons why I’m proud of Derbyshire:

1 World class scenery. There’s the obvious, rugged beauty of the Peak District. But I also love the Derwent valley around Ambergate and Matlock and the rolling hills of South Derbyshire. Read more about some of my favourite places in Derbyshire here.

2 All that countryside means that Derbyshire is a hikers and cyclists, paradise. I’ve kind of lost my outdoorsy mojo over recent years – but people travel the globe to walk, hike and cycle in Derbyshire – and we have that on our doorsteps!

3 We have a rich, industrial heritage. The industrial revolution pretty much started in Derbyshire. Think about that for a second. Being the first in the world to welcome in a whole new type of economy and way of working. How profound those changes were to society. We have several UNESCO World Heritage sites and there’s the new Museum of Making in Derby.

4 We are friendly and down to earth. There’s no snootiness, no pretence – just good, honest folk who look out for each other (on the whole! Always some…). Where else will you get called “duck” as a term of affection?!

5 Derbyshire’s towns and cities have real character. Derby is (hopefully!) in the running to be a City of Culture, Chesterfield has a vibrant foodie scene and the iconic twisted spire, Matlock is beautifully atmospheric, Matlock Bath feels like being at a Victorian seaside resort despite being as far from the sea as one can physically be in this country, places like Melbourne and Ashbourne have more a bouji, market town vibe. I could go on and on and on!

What makes you proud of Derbyshire? Let me know in the comments below, or better still share this blog post on your social media with why you love Derbyshire, using the hashtag #DerbyshireDay

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As a Yorkshire girl I had to smile at the Yorkshire day comment! You must remember that Yorkshire is massive though! Derbyshire sounds like a lovely place to visit.

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