Blogmas: Get to Know Me Festive Edition

I don’t normally do these sort of posts but I was recently tagged by Jupiter from Life with Jupiter and Dann and thought this was a fun way to share a bit about me in my capacity as a Derbyshire blogger.

Derbyshire food blogger, Molly Scott
Christmas 2018 – matching family PJs (looking much younger and slimmer here)

What is your favourite winter treat?

Just being warm and cosy at home with the decorations up, a Christmas film on and a mince pie. Maybe a glass of champagne… I am also a huge fan of a cheeseboard! (If that’s your bag too keep an eye on my Instagram stories on Friday as I have a really exciting collaboration coming up!).

What Christmas traditions do you celebrate?

For me Christmas is holiday that’s centred around family. I’m not at all religious but have always celebrated Christmas (I suppose in a secular/cultural way), although we do talk to our daughter about the meaning of Christmas and the nativity story.

We love going to buy a real tree. And it’s always my daughter’s job to place the angel on the top of the tree. A responsibility she takes very seriously!

On the big day, we open presents in our PJs with a cheeky glass of champagne (or a prosecco mimosa now we’re the parents of an energetic four year old!). I love a traditional Christmas dinner (although would happily eat chicken if it wasn’t for my husband insisting on turkey!) with all the trimmings.

The first Christmas dinner I’ve had this year!

Are you wishing for snow this year?

Honestly, no. I appreciate the beauty but driving in it stresses me out. It never bothered me until I lived on a huge hill in Belper, and someone drove into the back of me because they couldn’t stop on the ice. I would do ANYTHING to avoid driving in snow now.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Either The Holiday or Love Actually. My husband and I always watch It’s a Wonderful Life too.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house? What is your technique?

Yes, but my technique is to go the supermarket and pick up a ready made kit! If there are any lovely, local, indie companies selling this sort of thing this year let me know in the comments as I’d be happy to support.

Last year’s gingerbread house.

What is your favourite hot chocolate?

It’s rare I fancy a hot chocolate as I tend to find them a bit sweet. I am definitely partial to a mocha though.

However, if decadent hot chocolates are you thing, check out my guide to the best places to grab a winter warmer in Derbyshire, or this Instagram post from one of my favourite local food bloggers, Your Constant Cravings.

What gift are you hoping to get this year?

I’m hoping for a laptop bag. I’ve got my eye on a lovely leather number from Orgill Originals. But basically I like everything on the Derbyshire gift guide I wrote!

What is your warmest wintertime memory?

I’m not sure I have a specific memory but I have the happiest memories of Christmas time as a child. I remember being very preoccupied with not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve because I knew how ridiculously excited I was!

I met my husband at Christmas time too so it’s a special time of year for us as a couple. We had our very first date a few days before Christmas Eve, and then the following year he practically moved in.

Before kids – when Christmas was mainly about the booze!

Now that I’ve got a family of my own, I just adore making it magical for my little girl. Christmas time is more chaotic but it is so much fun seeing everything through the eyes of a child.

Derbyshire blogger Molly Scott
My little girl’s first Christmas – back in 2017

I’d love to hear your answers to these Blogmas questions if you fancy joining in.

I’m also tagging some of my favourite bloggers if they’d like to play (no pressure if not – I know Christmas can be a very busy stressful time).

I can’t remember how I first came across Smelly Socks and Garden Peas but she writes so beautifully about loss that it always strikes a chord with me. Plus she’s very funny and local to me.  

Hollie the Housewife is another of my favourite local bloggers. She’s a fabulous Mummy blogger.

Angasa at Pastiche Mode blogs about creativity, lifestyle and personal development. I connected with her via Twitter and she’s been super supportive.

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Wonderful stuff. We came by your post via Garden Peas and Smelly Socks and we agree – she writes so beautifully about loss, she always hits us deep. And she is incredibly funny – we always joke that she should do stand up – she’d be amazing. X

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